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Doors to the inside on a backyard patio.

Portland Millwork is a team of experienced professionals who strive to provide you with an excellent experience when selecting and purchasing windows and doors. Our 25-year reputation has been built upon our relationships with customers, builders, interior designers, and architects.

Our large showrooms offer the most comprehensive selection of windows and doors in the Northwest. Our 35,000 square foot production plant enables us to customize your prehung door choices down to the smallest detail.

For new construction and additions, we offer installation services—especially for the larger door systems and complicated window assemblies.

Our approach

Outside of the Portland Millwork building.

We seek to thoroughly understand your needs. Providing the right products makes your home live and perform the way it is designed.

We won’t try to sell a specific brand, but rather advise you on the right product which best meets your project’s requirements.

We do this with the highest quality people in our industry. Our sales and technical staff are experts who average 18 years of experience. They meet with you and carefully listen to you. Then they spend hours studying your plans to make sure the solutions offered will fit your needs.

Our team works closely with our partner manufacturers to keep current with new product refinements and innovations. We know that doing things well and with integrity is what has earned our long-term success.

We have carefully selected the industry leaders to partner with in order to provide you with an excellent window and door solution for your project.

Portland Millwork is consistently recognized and awarded by our suppliers as the best at sales and customer service.

Our team

Portland Millwork office team.

office team

Left to right: Mike Doty, Rona Catlin, Josh Grimes, Jim Kehoe, Bailey Purcell, Darin Purcell, Arlene LaFleur, Dave Carlson, Don Mershon

Portland Millwork windows team.

Window Sales

Left to right:  Chris Negri, Dave Palmer, Eric Self, Brian Hahn, Rob Gladheim, Jeff Kehoe, Brian Danna

Portland Millwork installation team.

Installation/ SERVICE Team

Left to right: Jack Mahaffy, Kevin Lamb, Jake Self ,Dave Jarvis, Craig Prettyman

Portland Millwork at large team members.

At-large team members

Left to right:  Matt Kilburg, Tony Arsan, Greg McCann

Portland Millwork Doors Salesmen.

Door Sales

Left to right: Kevin Gallagher, Steve Kelly, Zach Herrman, Rick Charlton, Andrew Park

Portland Millwork production team.

Production Team

Left to right: Schayne Runge, Adalberto Tejerano, Jeremy Fischl, Jestin Atkinson, Joe Tesch, Rod Thompson, Josh Grimes, Lance Latta, Matt Bressler, Dustin Armstrong

Portland Millwork shipping and receiving team.

Shipping & Receiving

Left to right:  Justin Sleeper, Jeremy Fischl, Eugene Gray, Kevin Halfman, Eugene Gulstrom, Tyler Eyman, Kevin Interian, Dan Jones

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