Our Team


Dave Carlson – General Manager – Dave@portlandmillwork.com
Greg McCann – Operations Manager – GregM@portlandmillwork.com
Jim Kehoe – Sales and Marketing Manager – JimK@portlandmillwork.com
Mike Doty – Window Products Manager – MikeD@portlandmillwork.com
Tess Grimes – Technical Services Manager – Tess@portlandmillwork.com


Window Sales

Jeff KehoeJeffk@portlandmillwork.com
Brian DannaBrianD@portlandmillwork.com
Rob GladheimRobg@portlandmillwork.com
David SchulmanDavidS@portlandmillwork.com
David PalmerDaveP@portlandmillwork.com
Eric SelfEricS@portlandmillwork.com
Chris NegriChrisN@portlandmillwork.com


Joe Tesch
Phil Barney
Ross Martin
Jesse Mulcahy
Jestin Atkinson


Craig Prettyman – Warranty and Service Manager – CraigP@portlandmillwork.com
Rona Catlin – Service Coordinator – RonaC@portlandmillwork.com
Michael Wadsworth – MichaelW@portlandmillwork.com


Josh Grimes
John Hedwall
Justin Sleeper